Sol Foods Inc. produces the highest quality certified organic cereal grasses and alfalfa in the world today. Our grasses are field grown in Kansas, USA, through winter and the tips are harvested just once a year at their nutritional peak. Other production grasses are rapidly grown in warm climates, cut lower on the blade and harvested 7 or more times a year, which results in bigger yields, but decreased nutrition.

Why are Sol Foods grasses different? Because they are grown in THE BEST soil and climate for growing cereal grasses. Soil scientists understand that the central plains of the Midwest are rich in mineral deposits and have some of the most fertile soils in the world. Cereal Grasses planted in the fall and grown through a cold winter are nutritionally superior to crops grown elsewhere because the grass develops a huge root structure that acts as a sponge to absorb nutrients in the mineral-rich soil.

Sol Foods is offering organic (hard red winter) wheat grass, organic barley grass and organic alfalfa. Sol Foods understands that grasses offer super nutrition only if they are grown in the ideal climate and allowed the proper time to develop.